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Vendetta, through multiple websites, instagram, facebook , online marketing  and our business partners at Combat Sports Network who (our preferred global livestreaming choice due to their high quality stream and amazing commentary team.)  
Sponsorship of our  shows and events we  know to have a reach of  around 8/9000 people nationally per social media post, this extends to 25 000 people via our payed advertising on social media, 
We constantly keep up with national and global trends on social media, and our advertising is based off what's going off with audio clips, trending high growth Instagram profiles and filters etc. We are not trained in this but weve grown this show from the ground up which means we've created all our own websites, tied them together on multiple sites and profiles to triple distil our media reach.
We cant guarantee your Instagram will be over run with followers, that's on you and how clever you are. However we can drive people towards you and your social media sites, your website and we can promote your business to a whole new market of people that you will not currently of thought of. 
Being a sponsor also helps build massive excitement and hype of the shows, it helps us pay for flights, staff and accommodation and most importantly it means the fighters get paid for their hard work, with a chunk of all fights sponsored going directly to the fighters  pockets. 


MAJOR SPONSOR - Limit 2/show

PRICE: $2000 

INCLUDES: Ringside table of 10, Full sponsorship of the show, free beer and wine, continuous food, free pick up and drop off to and from the show (within the Timaru/Temuka/Geraldine area)

2. Logo on all fight posters, tickets and show media posts etc

3. Exclusive meet and greet with fighters at the fight weigh in, including drinks, photos, nibbles etc 

4. Business partnership via Instagram for all show posts. These are frequent and start 16 weeks from show date. Minimum 1 post weekly.

5. MC Announcements at show on main and co main events, and 4 times through out the night.

6. We will also come around and visit you and create a real cool video of who you are and what you do, this will be part of our advertising for the show. 


50% non refundable deposit required within 1 month of confirmation, with balance to be paid within 2 months of confirmation. 


Main Event/Co Main Sponsor 
Limit 4/show

PRICE: $1000 


1. Sponsorship of the main and co main event

2. Logos etc on all main and co main advertising, website links, social media handles etc on all posts related to main and co main. 1 post weekly minimum for 8  weeks out from show date

3. Mentioning business info at time of fighters entrance to event on both main and co main events. 

This includes business info mentioned by MC.

4. 10 GA tickets

CONDITIONS: 50% non refundable deposit required within 1 month of confirmation, with balance to be paid within 2 months of confirmation. 


2 Fight Sponsor - Limit 2/fight

PRICE: $500


1. Sponsor ship of any two non main or co main fights

2. Logo and business details on two fights. The choice of two fights is yours, and once taken will not be available to more than 1 other sponsor.

3. Your business info will be announced by MC at time of fighter introductions

4. All social media posts related to these fights will include your business links.

5. 50% discount on tickets


Payment due on confirmation

Become A Sponsor

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you shortly.

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